More than just pump protection with INT69® PYF Diagnose

The new innovative INT69 PYF Diagnose module combines the pump with a protective function and a digital world an integrated Modbus RTU interface guarantees easy networking. The highlight: A power measurement of the electric motor, which even works on the converter.

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More service

More service

Thanks to the KRIWAN INTspector app, you will find everything you need at a glance when service is required. In the area of diagnostics, the app offers numerous functions from error counters and event lists to operating data and times, switching cycles, current measured values and much more, giving you transparency over your system and making it easy to trace errors.
Using the parameterization function, every input in the protection unit can be set individually. For example, you can select from PTC, Pt100, Pt1000, Bimetallic or Deactivate for the temperature inputs. Each value of INT69® PYF Diagnose can be individually parameterized for each application. The many inputs, functions and parameterization save you additional relays and space in the control cabinet.

More efficiency

More efficiency

A key unique selling point of the INT69® PYF Diagnose pump protection is its ability to measure the performance of electric motors even when frequency converters are used.
Cos φ, operating hours, switching frequency, short circuit and interruption of the sensors can be monitored with the power measurement function. Consumed apparent, active and reactive power is determined and displayed in the device and active and reactive energy is counted. A new current transformer has been specially developed for this purpose. It offers the highest possible measuring accuracy of amplitude and phase over a high useful and clock frequency range. The phase error lies in the range of 20...100 Hz at < 1°, which has a particularly positive effect on the accuracy of the active power. Depending on the decrease or increase in power, dry running, a closed slide or blocked rotor in the motor can be detected.

More connectivity

More connectivity

The INT69® PYF Diagnose device offers two connection options for displaying the measured values and operating data of the pump. On the one hand, a direct connection to the customer controller or gateway can be established through the integrated Modbus RTU interface. On the other hand, the operating data can be displayed and analyzed locally on site with the KRIWAN INTspector app and KRIWAN gateway through the diagnostic port (DP).

All-in-one pump protection

3x temperature

PTC, Pt100, Pt1000 or Bimetallic


Conductance measurement

Switching input

e.g. for a float switch or external reset

4-20mA input

Open sensor input, e.g. for vibration sensor or pressure transmitter

Phase monitoring

Phase monitoring of 1~ and 3~ networks, phase sequence, phase failure and phase asymmetry, overvoltage and undervoltage

Current monitoring

Associated current transformer INT186 with 20-100 Hz

Power measurement

Cos φ, active, reactive and apparent power


In addition to the alarm relay, there is a second relay for warnings

Integrated Modbus RTU

Direct RS485 communication interface for line control

Diagnostic interface

Communication interface to INTspector® app by means of a USB or Bluetooth gateway


Status display according to traffic light system

INTspector® app

Enables condition monitoring of the plant, readout of various values and adjustment of the parameters

Investment protection for your plant

Monitoring: Overview of the system

KRIWAN offers a complete solution for linking the INT69® PYF Diagnose pump protection module with your system. The smart KRIWAN Diagnose system is simple to implement, flexible and scalable, allowing you to carry out condition monitoring for reliable and efficient system operation.

KRIWAN pump protection

KRIWAN pump protection devices offer a reliable and user-friendly solution for the protection and monitoring of pumps and pump systems in various applications.


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