Better pump protection with INT69® YF Diagnose:

Pumps and pump systems are often damaged by increased motor or bearing temperatures, overvoltage and undervoltage, or leaks. However, there is an effective and cost-efficient way to prevent these malfunctions: pump protection module INT69® YF Diagnose.

Installing a protection unit secures system availability in the long term and protects your investment. Pump protection module INT69® YF Diagnose protects and monitors pumps and pump systems in a wide variety of applications. It ensures safe system operation, supplies valuable data for conditioning monitoring in your system and is completely Networkable.

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Better diagnostics

Better diagnostics

The INT69® YF Diagnose gives you an insight into your pump.

The KRIWAN INTspector® App allows you to view operating data such as times, behavior, error memory, live diagnostics, and much more. This data facilitates quick and easy analysis of your systems and supports you with servicing and maintenance, as well as with identifying and resolving errors. On top of that, the diagnostic function allows you to document and obtain evidence of operating behavior.

More efficiency

More efficiency

Using the INT69® YF Diagnose allows you to increase efficiency in a variety of areas.

Thanks to its many inputs and outputs, the all-in-one unit replaces up to seven individual devices. This translates into a direct cost saving to your company, as well as a considerable reduction in space requirements and installation effort in the switching cabinet. A warning and a switch-off relay and a digital interface are available for efficient connection to a protection and control system. They can also be used for status monitoring.

More flexibility

More flexibility

With a numver of inputs and outputs, the INT69® YF Diagnose can be used in many different applications.

The sensor inputs can be flexible and individually adapted to suit your system. Various sensor inputs are available, such as bimetal, PTC, PT100 and PT1000, or even leak probes, a switching input, and an analog input. Customization facilitates precise adjustment of warning/switch-off values, delay times, locked switch-off, or automatic restart.

Pump Protection All-in-One

3x temperature

PTC, PT100, PT1000 or bimetal

2x leaks

Conductivity measurement and float switch

Phase monitoring

Phase monitoring of 1~ and 3~ networks, phase sequence, failure, and asymmetry, overvoltage and undervoltage

4-20mA input

Open sensor input, e.g. for vibration sensor or pressure transducer


Status display according to traffic light system


In addition to the alarm relay, there is a second relay for warnings

INTspector® App

System status monitoring facilitates read out of various values, as well as adjustment of parameters

Diagnostic interface

Communication interface through Modbus gateway to system controller or via USB/Bluetooth gateway to INTspector® App

Investment protection for your system

Monitoring: The system at a glance

KRIWAN offers a complete solution for networking pump protection module INT69®YF Diagnose with your system. The intelligent KRIWAN Diagnose system is easy to implement, flexible and scalable, and allows you to implement condition monitoring, making reliable and efficient system operation possible.

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